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Clickfunnels Pricing Cheats For 2017
Hi I’m Danielle Yeo from Optflow, a Clickfunnels Certified Partner and funnel expert. You might be curious to start using Clickfunnels for launching your product or service, or to create an income as a freelancer or affiliate and want to know how to get the best deal or which plan to choose.
Clickfunnels Discount Secrets 2017 Hack
Hey it’s Danielle Yeo from Optflow and I’m here to show you a Clickfunnels discount hack for 2017 that I didn’t even know about and I’ve done the Certified Partner Training and I’m in contact with quite a lot of people there and I didn’t even know about it until a couple of days ago when I was pausing an account.
How To Become A Clickfunnels Affiliate
Hi I’m Danielle Yeo from Optflow. Today I'll be showing you the best way to become a Clickfunnels Affiliate and earn passive income and commissions. 
My Bias Clickfunnels Review + Bonus Premium Support
Hi it’s Danielle Yeo from Optflow and I’m here today to share my story on why getting Clickfunnels was the best decision of my life.

In late 2015 I was a singer in a rock band and I had a few websites on wordpress and I was looking for a better way to create a website. 
Clickfunnels Pricing Cheats For 2017
Hi I’m Danielle Yeo from Optflow, a Clickfunnels Certified Partner and funnel expert. You might be curious to start using Clickfunnels for launching your product or service, or to create an income as a freelancer or affiliate and want to know how to get the best deal or which plan to choose.

Clickfunnels is a marketing software company best known for its use for creating funnels with optin pages, sales pages, membership sites, upsells and building out, capturing and ascending visitors through the product or services value ladder.

The pricing structure itself is presented as being the $97 and $297 options however as you’ll discover here today there are many more options that aren’t as readily advertised that will get you a better deal so you can start building funnels with Clickfunnels and become or hire a #funnelhacker or Certified Partner.

Clickfunnels Pricing 2017 (For Beginners)

I’m aware of all the different deals available with Clickfunnels and I’m going to show you their pricing plan and other options starting with the cheapest. There is a way to get Clickfunnels for $9.99/mo, which is having your account on hold to store up to 10 funnels on there. You won’t be able to go live on this plan it’s for funnel storage if you’re not using your account or you’re still building it out and it's not currently in use or you haven't launched anything. This is a great option for those that are still learning or are just starting out and are still building it all out.

The way to get it is to go to Account Billing and then go to Cancel Account to even be offered it. Start the cancellation process then click "other reasons" and scroll down to “Pause Account”. You’ll also be given an option to extend your trial for 14 days. It will then prompt you to archive funnels if you have over 10 in your account.

Also available is a $19/mo option only available through a share funnel. Up until recently anyone could share a funnel and that person with the new share funnel account could have 3 funnels and up to 10 pages. This is a very limited account but good for simple use of Clickfunnels and for people starting out or testing an idea. It may have changed so that you might have to have a share funnel account but I have found a way around it. It is still available and can still be done so if you have troubles with the above or below links email me at and I'll help troubleshoot it with you so you can get the $19/mo account. If you use my share link below in external links, you'll be receiving a proven and tested optin funnel for your new account.

To open a share funnel account open an incognito window and create an account with an email you haven’t previously used with Clickfunnels. If you already have an account, you will need to use a new email to sign up again to receive this deal.

Clickfunnels Pricing Cheats 2017 (The Hidden Monthly Professional Plan)

Typically there is the $97/mo option and the $297/mo options available in Clickfunnels pricing plans with the latter coming with Actionetics and Backpack. In 2016 we were able to email support and say, “Hey we’re really not using backpack can we do a $197/mo option and still have Actionetics” and we were able to get that. What I’ve found this year is that that’s no longer an option. You can email them yourselves and see what they say (you will need to signup and pay to contact support and negotiate from there) however the $197/mo option is now the professional option that you get double the funnels and pages of the $97/mo option. You can use the $97/mo option with Mailchimp or any other service but Actionetics is the bomb and I highly recommend it. If you go with $297/mo plan you also get Backpack which allows you to have your own affiliates and commission structure for your product or service.

So your options are the on hold account for $9.99/mo. The share funnel account at $19/mo which only allows 3 funnels and can be upgraded any time. If you already have an account and want a cheaper account you’ve got to sign up incognito with a new email that hasn't previously been used with Clickfunnels. Then there's the $97/mo funnels only, $297/mo with Actionetics and Backpack and there’s yearly and bigger plans above that to do with coaching and certification but if you’re starting out I recommend getting the cheapest plan or if you’re hiring someone else grab the Clickfunnels and Actionetics for the best results for your product or service.

Clickfunnels Pricing + $97 Bonus (Premium Clickfunnels Support) + 14 Day Trial

If you decide to sign up using my external affiliate links below either for the share funnel account (where you receive a proven optin funnel) or the $97 or $297 options (where the $9.99 and $197 will become available to you after you sign up) as a way to show my appreciation I want to give you a bonus if you sign up using my links today.

As a way to show my thanks I’ll give you 1 month of my Premium Clickfunnels Email Support which I charge others $97/mo for. You will also receive a 14 day trial with Clickfunnels through using my link. Simply signup using one of the links below through an incognito window (this is important as otherwise it may be signed up under someone else if you've visited Clickfunnels before) with a new email and shoot me an email ( after purchase. I will verify you signed up with me and get you signed up to my 1 month Premium Clickfunnels Email Support. This is a massive opportunity as you'll have direct contact with a Certified Partner and funnel expert while you're building your funnels or getting your product or service out there.

So open an incognito window and use one of the links below for either the share funnel (free proven optin funnel) or the Clickfunnels Signup + 14 Day Trial and receive the bonus Premium Clickfunnels Email Support for 1 month.

External Links

*Clickfunnels Signup + 14 Day Trial + Bonus: 

*Share Funnel Signup ($19/mo deal):

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Dear Marketer,
If you love Click Funnels… but your funnel pages aren’t converting then this could be the most important letter you read today… 
But before I tell you how you can start rocking out a professional funnel…with a funnel that converts like gangbusters…
(… and how you can—and should—raise your prices immediately after reading this letter)…
Just Stop For A Moment And Look At This Page...
Notice how professional it feels…. 

How do you feel as you scan around it?

You like it right?   

And that’s because a professional funnel designer who has made his clients millions of dollars designed this page… 

I know this… because I am the designer...

 And because I’m a graphic designer… and a funnel design expert…

I also know something about your experience with using Click Funnels…

Tell me if I’m right…
Why Your Click Funnels Pages Will Never Convert
(And How To Change That)
“My GOD Click Funnels is awesome! Don’t you think? It does everything! It DOES EVERYTHING!”
All you need to do is open up the editor, add a few links and you’ll be a millionaire tomorrow…
One Small Problem...
Click Funnels does everything.

I mean, it’s too good…   

Even armchair psychologists will tell you that when you give someone too much choice something breaks in their brain and they end up making no choice at all…  

… either that, or they’ll just make the first choice on offer, which is rarely the best choice… 

Being able to create any kind of funnel, any page, and design you want in Click Funnels really is awesome...but only if you know what to do, and I don’t just mean which buttons to press!  

… I mean how to put together a page that will convert.

Sure Click Funnels templates are good…

… until the average user gets hold of them, and then they suddenly seem to turn into something from 1989 when the World Wide Web first went live!

It's Not Your Fault...
Just learning how to use the editor on Click Funnels takes hours and hours of trial and error.

If you are like most Click Funnels users then you’ve probably experienced one of these four outcomes…

1. You think you’ll just spend an hour or two setting up a quick funnel but you end up hammering away in the editor for 9 hours, and then tired, frustrated and over-caffeinated you decide to give up for the day… and never return…

2. You get in, make your page and get out… you’re happy, but your visitors take one look at your page and run a mile in the opposite direction…and you don’t know why.

3. You invest hours, days and nights trying to create the perfect funnel, you’ve wasted hours reading and writing support tickets and you’ve got a permanent headache from banging your head against a brick wall… but you got there in the end…You’ve created a “Good Enough page” …but it still doesn’t convert and you’re out of emotional juice to go through that whole process again.

4. You create an exceptional opt-in page, it looks and feels perfect. You’re happy, you show your family and they LOVE it… but then, when you check it out on your mobile devices your heart sinks as you realize your page is all over the place and completely unusable.
Here Are Some Clients Who Trusted Henry With Building Their Funnels
(Click on the images below to visit the funnels)
How To Make Funnels That Convert...
If you’re an internet marketer, then you already have a thousand and one jobs you need to take care of, especially if you are just starting out and operating as a one-man-army…

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been an entrepreneur for 5 days or 5 years…

You already know that time is your most valuable resource…

And an email list is your most valuable asset…

So pumping all your time into the creation of opt-in forms and funnels that don’t generate leads or money is an exercise in futility!

Imagine how much more profitable your business would be if

… you could invest your time in product development

… or in networking for new joint venture partners

… or in learning how to generate traffic

… or any other essential task that is no doubt sitting on your to-do list.

The point I’m making is this:

If you want to run a successful business you need to surround yourself with people that are good at doing the things that you are only wasting time on…

And if you are not seeing steady conversions from your Clickfunnles campaigns then it’s time to bring in a professional and focus on what you are good at…growing your business!

And yes, I am the designer you should hire… for one very good reason:
I'll Help You Make More Money Without Ever Having To Lift A Finger!
Here’s how…
To Immediately Increase Your Prices And Have Your Customers Lining Up To Pay
Good design gives you three essential qualities that poor design instantly destroys…
1) Attention!
In the 1980's the average attention span of your typical consumer was around 30 seconds, today even the most generous estimates put it at around 8 seconds…

… which is around the same as a goldfish!

And with SO much content to choose from you have to make sure that when your visitors hit your opt-in page you OWN their ATTENTION right up until they give you their email address.
(Sad but true, the average American consumer now has the attention span of a gold fish!)
2) Trust
(Even “just good enough” opt in pages set off BS detectors in today’s web-savvy world)
I bet you’ve stumbled across a few of those spammy looking opt-in pages from time to time haven’t you?

And what was your instinctive reaction?

I’ll tell you…
And your prospective customers are no different…

If they turn up at your opt-in page and it looks even the slightest bit dodgy their BS detectors go into overdrive and start setting off alarm bells left, right and center until they instinctively hit the back button… never to return.

The thing is… in today’s world, web users are becoming much more web-savvy.

And even “just good enough” opt-in pages set alarm bells ringing…

So if you want a steady flow of hot new leads then your opt-in page needs to look trustworthy…

Because trust gives you…
3) Credibility
(Get credible in the eyes of your audience and you can give yourself an immediate pay rise.)

When you can OWN people’s attention, without setting off their BS detectors your opt-in page becomes credible…

… and that gives your offer a higher perceived value—which means you can raise your prices and your new leads will still line up to pay.
Is The Design Of My Page REALLY That Important?
And all of this… just because you have a professional looking opt-in page?

Well no… this isn’t magic.

You still need an attractive offer, and you still need the right kind of traffic…

But here’s the thing…

If you have a poorly designed opt in page…

You can have the best offer in the world…

You could be selling the “next iphone…”

And you could be sending the most hot-to-trot, super-highly targeted traffic out there…

… but if those visitors hit your sub-par opt- in page you’re toast.
All Your Hard Work... All Your Advertising Money... 
All Your Precious Time...
Is it worth taking the chance?

I don’t think so… and that’s why I’ve created a
Quick & Easy Sales & Marketing Funnel Design Service
(Hi! My name is Henry Kaminski and here's quick personal story about how I became the "Million Dollar Designer")
I’m a professional graphic designer, entrepreneur and a passionate funnel design expert—specializing in creating exceptional funnels in Click Funnels.

Why Click Funnels?

Simply really, Click Funnels is the ultimate funnel creation software on the market…

Using Click Funnels enables me to build and deliver highly credible, fully responsive, professional looking funnels that can help you boost your leads, your prices and your sales.

My goal is to help you reclaim the time you would lose from messing around with Click Funnels so you can invest it in growing your business…

I want you to be able to wake up tomorrow and have an opt-in page that will suck in all the leads your business needs and deserves.
You see, I am passionate about my graphic design business but the thing I enjoy most of all is helping people…

I love watching my clients go from crappy, run-a-mile, newbie start-ups to super-polished, professional and highly effective lead generating, moneymaking machines!

And if I can play a small part in you becoming super-successful through the design and marketing services I provide, then I’ll feel like I’ve never worked a day in my life.
My Certifications From
So here’s what I’m offering…
So here’s what I’m offering…
  • A professional, highly polished funnel design that will boost your credibility and convert more visitors into leads and a thank you page to build trust and cement your marketing message in the minds of your new subscribers.
  • Your funnel is fully customizable within your own Click Funnels editor so you can make quick and easy changes on the fly whenever you need to. 
  • Professional Copy-writing focused primarily on the direct response industry.
  • (3) Banner Ad Promo Designs you can use on Facebook or other online platforms to help you promote your funnel so that you can start generating leads immediately!
  • You will receive (3) auto-responder email templates to help generate more sales through follow-up campaigns.
  • All funnels are “Business-Focused” as a primary concern. There will be no design for designs sake. Everything will be geared towards increasing your opt-ins and growing your business so you’ll never worry about paying for superficial work.
  • Your funnel design will improve your image, your brand, your credibility and your ability to price your product and service right up alongside your leading competitors.
  • Plus, free friendly strategic advice from a professional graphic designer, Click Funnels expert and funnel specialist!
(All Testimonials Are Genuine, Kept On File And Available On Request)
“Henry is an amazing designer... He works quick and gets things turned around fast which is ideal for me because we're always moving forward as fast as we can. If you get a chance to work with Henry, he's an amazing designer and awesome at building funnels and he's someone that I recommend” 

Russell Brunson, Co-founder of Clickfunnels
So here’s what I’m offering…
And my guarantee is just the same…

I believe that you should only pay for my services if you are satisfied with them.

That’s why I only have happy clients...

So here’s the deal…

Invest today.

Get your funnel tomorrow.

And if you are not 100% satisfied with the service or the design for any reason simply email me and I will personally refund every dollar of your investment.

Sound fair?

You get a professionally designed funnel with no risk to you or your business at all…
So You're Probably Asking... "How Much?"
You’re probably worried that this kind of done-for-you service is going to cost a small fortune.

It isn’t.

It could. After all, I’ve worked with some very high profile clients…

I’m sure you’ve heard of Bon Jovi, right?

And I also have been lucky enough to have Russell Brunson (the creator of Clickfunnels) on my client list!

Plus, the reason I’m recognized as the "Million Dollar Designer" is because I’ve helped several companies increase their profits well beyond the the $1,000,000 mark…

So the real question you should be asking is how much is that kind of talent worth to you?

Because with the right product and passion from you, the opt-in form I deliver to you could be worth thousands and thousands of dollars…

But I know we all have to start somewhere so instead of charging you my normal rate of $250 per hour...

I’ll deliver you an A-Grade Professional Click Funnel designs that will help build your leads and your business!

And remember, I’m taking all the risk, because if you are not 100% satisfied with my work I’ll refund you every last cent without hesitation.
Don't Have Click funnels? Click Here For Your FREE Trial!
So You're Probably Asking... "How Much?"
The process couldn’t be easier…

1. If you don't have a Click Funnels account, Click here and get your FREE Trial Now!

2. Click the Orange button and fill out the application.

3. My funnel consultant will contact you and set up an initial on-board call to get all the details.

4. You sit back and relax—or get to work on other key aspects of your business while we build out your killer Funnel.

5. 24-48 hours later you will get the share link and your funnel will be ready.

6. Get more leads, raise your prices, make more money.

Click below now to get started.

To your success,

Henry Kaminski Jr.
Owner / Master Funnel Designer
p. 201-693-7903 | e.
Marketing & Sales Funnels Designed For You In 24 - 48 Hours!
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